Why Fleming?

1. Custom Design

Doors on a building no matter their size, height, or width fill a distinct purpose and add to the true purpose and goal of the structure that houses them. Even though some facilities lend themselves to a standard base design, each facility operates in a special and, at times, very specific way. The door design should match and enhance the efficiency, safety and purpose of the building that houses them.

Fleming Steel Company considers every facet of the facility or project at hand to create door systems that are just as unique and perfectly matched to the building and end goal in mind. We understand that one-size does not necessarily fit all, and with that in mind, we strive to produce high quality, long-lasting, custom door systems that are not only reliable but also simple and safe to use.

2. In-House, USA Fabrication & Materials

At Fleming Steel Company, we are proud to say that all of the components, materials, and hardware are made and distributed in the United States. To follow suit, our product is made at our facility in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Located just north of Pittsburgh, the city of steel, New Castle has been our home since our beginnings in 1921.

3. Complete Installation

We provide custom door solutions and we also make sure your doors are properly installed and functioning perfectly after installation. Fleming Steel is equipped with a professional field supervising staff who function not just as the eyes of an installation, but are also certified in several trades. Years of experience and know-how ensure that your door system is up, running, and safe for everyone.

4. Maintenance & Repair

No device on the planet, simple or complex, can maintain it’s functionality and original quality with out some up-keep and accidents happen. Not only do we engineer long-lasting, efficient and customized door systems, we also provide preventative maintenance programs, instructional manuals and meetings suited to fit the needs of the facility, owner, mechanics and end-users. We understand that not everyone on-site is a door expert, therefore we strive to make it easy for you.

5. Retro-Fit

With today’s emphasis on saving money and rehabilitating existing facilities, many are looking for a way to save their existing doors and bring them up to today’s standards. Fleming Steel offers several services to help update and refurbish damaged, neglected, and outdated door operating systems. Whether a customer needs doors to be upgraded or rehabilitated of its operating, electrical, structural, or weather stripping, Fleming Steel has a solution.