Retro-Fit Doors & Equipment

With today’s emphasis on saving money and rehabilitating existing facilities, many are looking for a way to save their existing doors and bring them up to today’s standards. Fleming Steel offers several services to help update and refurbish damaged, neglected, and outdated door operating systems. Whether a customer needs doors to be upgraded or rehabilitated of its operating, electrical, structural, or weather stripping, Fleming Steel has a solution.

At Fleming Steel, we completely understand solid engineering and manufacturing. As part of our DNA, we aim to build doors with hardware that stand the test of time. However as the years pass, standards change and technology progresses. If manual door system isn’t meeting your current needs, why commit to the expensive task of building anew? Fleming Steel can help upgrade and modify existing doors to a motorized door system.

This can be accomplished by attaching Fleming’s retro-fit motor operator called “The Mule”. The safe, sure-traction door mover automatically adjusts to uneven floors on any existing sliding door installation. Some of the amazing features of the Fleming Mule include:

  • Positive, dependable traction on uneven floors, which automatically adjusts to floor variations and maintains firm contact between the wheel and the floor.
  • Opens and closes doors faster than manual operation saving on heating and cooling costs.
  • Easily and quickly converts to manual operation during power outages.
  • Solid rubber drive wheels (with pre-lubricated, sealed-for-life bearings) with tread for safe, trustworthy operation. It never wears out!
  • Balanced and matched mechanical and electrical components.
  • Includes floor wipers to clear debris in both directions of travel

A low-cost, and easy to use Mule gives you renowned Fleming quality. If you don’t need to spend money on replacing well-engineered doors, but want an upgrade from manual operation— Don’t push it! Get “The Mule” pulling for you.

Electronic “Soft Start / Soft Stop” Controllers and Variable Frequency Drive Systems

In many cases, existing doors and operators are in satisfactory condition. However, over time, electrical systems become obsolete, out of code, or simply aren’t safe by today’s standards. Fleming’s engineering staff can devise a safer, more economical, and in-code electrical system to be applied to your existing doors.

Motor Operator Rehabilitation

Currently, we’re upgrading numerous, decades old hangar door motor operating systems with electric, variable frequency, drive controlled motor operators with a safer, more efficient drive system.