Horizontal Swing Doors

Horizontal Swing Doors are used for a variety of purposes. They have been successfully used in corrosion control/paint booths, railroad repair facilities, and a variety of manufacturing and industrial venues. Normally used for special applications; such as paint booth or corrosion control applications, they have also been used for vehicle entry door in hangar doors. Carefully machined and balance hinges are mounted on the jamb columns and articulate to accommodate dimensional tolerances.

Swing doors can be dual opposing or single leaf, in-swing or out-swing. They can also be of the FourFold or Accordion type. Swing doors can be motor or manually operated. Motorized Swing doors can be fitted with in-line traction drive operators, screw or ball jacks assemblies, or electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic cylinders. Swing doors offer complete weather sealing where required.