Horizontal Slide Doors

With Fleming’s horizontal slide doors, no part of the door weight is supported by the building. Moving smoothly over rails in the floor, Fleming’s doors are positively guided by top rollers that travel in overhead guides. Slide doors – either inside or outside mounted – stack when open in pockets, cantilevered guides or at the jambs. Special features such as personnel and truck doors, fuselage apertures, sash, glazing units, translucent panels, louvers, etc. can be provided.

The “Unit-Drive” motor operator coupled with the variable electric frequency drives provide for “Soft-Start” and “Soft-Stop”. Options are available on all Fleming door systems. Built into every unit is Fleming’s reputation for years of trouble-free service – no matter how large or how heavy the door! Among Fleming’s wide choice of styles, there’s a type to fit your installation needs.

Bottom Drives, Traction or Fixed Chain styles can be used with Unidirectional, Biparting, Bidirectional, and Full-Floating doors, mounted on leading leaves or jamb leaves, or fixed at the jambs of the opening. The Traction style drives one or both wheels by chain and sprocket mechanism; Fixed Chain has a positive drive between it and the adjacent leaf. For group operated doors, interleaf connection of the drive system to the idler leaves utilize the Linear or Wrap-Around able systems. For smaller door systems, the use of the pick-up,“Unit-Drive” is employed

Slide doors for Corporate Hangars – Commuter Airlines and Fixed Base Operations

Prudent Corporate Executives, Commuter Managers and FBO’s insist on time proven, trouble-free hangar doors to protect costly aircraft. They demand fast, reliable, all weather operation; minimum maintenance; security against break in; doors meeting underwriter’s requirements. Many FBO, Commuter and Corporate hangars incorporate tail doors in their construction for aircraft with high and wide tails and to provide for future aircraft acquisitions.

Their exacting requirements are filled by Fleming’s motorized slide doors of the Unidirectional, Biparting, Floating Group and Independent types. They can be installed on any pre-engineered or custom designed hangar facility.

Semi Pre-Engineered Series 100 and Custom Built 500 doors are produced to the same “Sound Design-Practical Construction-Fine Workmanship” criteria. They feature Fleming’s nationally renowned “Unit Drive” and “Torque Tube” motor operators whose fewer moving parts keeps routine maintenance to the barest minimum. Architectural harmony is readily accomplished using pre-formed exterior door coverings of any configuration, material, and color. Glazed units or translucent panels, louvers, pilot doors, truck doors, and insultaion, to individual requirements. Design and layout information, specifications, and budget costs can be furnished by a Fleming representative.

100 Series Doors:

Dependable, economical doors, fully engineered to operate every time, year after year.

Registered professional engineers with over 100 years combined expertise design all Fleming doors to meet local wind load and seismic criteria, the local-national building codes, and NFPA/NEC code. Pre-engineered design and sturdy construction Give Semi-pre-engineered Series 100 Slide doors their dependable operation on any hangar, new or old. Carefully matched and balanced systems of leaves and operators economically provide long life strength for constant use. Specify selected siding on one or both sides, insulation, and personnel doors as desired. Motor operators can be either “Unit Drive” or “Torque Tube” type. Many purchasers install Series 100 doors with their own forces as specialized forces and large equipment aren’t required. Factory supervision is always available if desired.

500 Series Doors:

Award-winning, airline-quality doors, Internationally recognized as the standard of excellence.

Professionally designed Series 500 doors are custom manufactured without compromise in quality, materials, construction and workmanship to be the most reliable available anywhere in the world. A sound investment in value, in any type and size slide door-Boeing 747 to Cessna Citation – is the performance of Series 500. Fleming has the track record to prove it. Our engineers are always available to assist you in the design stage of your project-with years of experience and sound door ideas.