Jamb-Guided / Track-Guided Canopy Doors

Where headroom is limited and floor space is at a premium, Fleming canopy doors have a proven track record. Installations on foundries, warehouses, rail and truck dock, air craft hangars and many other special function buildings, demonstrate the versatility of a Fleming canopy door. Working and loading efficiency is increased and wasted man-hours are reduced by the additional protected work area provided by the open canopy. Years of reliable, economical operation are built into every sturdy, all-weather Fleming canopy doors. One of four types of Fleming canopy doors will meet your special installation needs: arm-guided, track-guided, turnover or bifold. Operation is safe and easy, every time. The door first rises vertically to free the bottom of ice and snow. To form a canopy, the door tilts about its horizontal axis and rises upward with its lower half projecting outside the opening (bifold excepted). Fully counter weighted, the canopy door opens smoothly and rapidly with custom Fleming designed motor operator systems or, if required, it may be operated manually by the auxiliary operator.