About Us

Our Mission

Our mission has remained the same since the very beginning. It is our goal to meet and exceed changing market conditions with custom engineered and designed solutions, complete product satisfaction, user safety, and customer service. Over the years technology and user needs have required ever-changing and greater customization of operational and performance standards to specific project requirements. With that in mind, we strive to provide not just the right solution, but the best one with outstanding quality that meets and exceeds expectations. Big or small, we stand by our design and product as the best available anywhere

History & Legacy

Located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Fleming Steel Company has been manufacturing custom designed doors since 1921. In its third generation of family ownership, Fleming’s ideals and goals have remained the same; practical engineering solutions by registered professional engineers, expertise in fabrication, custom design perfection, complete product satisfaction, and unwavering customer service. Fleming is known to architects, engineers, contractors, and end-users alike as the door company of choice for projects demanding high quality, perfectly matched and balanced door systems that maintain reliability of operation and performance for years.

In 1991, Fleming Steel purchased Ferguson Door Company, formerly of Los Angeles, California. Since the successful consolidation, Fleming Steel has incorporated into its product line several special application doors not limited to and including, acoustic, anechoic, blast resistant, flood control, electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding, motion picture studio, and thermal doors.

Fleming Steel has provided door solutions for organizations such as Nissan, Korean Air, American Airlines, Bank of America, United Airlines, American Airlines, Boeing, British Airways, and Nationwide Insurance Company and government organizations including NASA, the United States Navy, the Corp of Engineers, and the United States Air Force. In 2001, Fleming had the great pleasure in providing the Braced Arm Canopy doors for the main exhibit hall of the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy center of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and donating the Biparting Slide doors for the Space Hangar. Fleming Steel’s work doesn’t end there as the company has also provided door solutions for ABC Studios, Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, and even special application doors for the Glimmerglass Opera House in upstate New York.

Fleming Steel has held several patents in door design and has been awarded several commendations including the American Institute of Steel Construction Award for Architectural Excellence and the Navy’s Certificate of Merit.

With proven experience, Fleming Steel Company offers consultation, custom designed quality solutions for straight-forward or special function doors meeting the customer and/or the designers’ needs along with preventative maintenance programs.